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Where has your Friendly Neighborhood Sound Wizard been?

Working, not blogging, obviously! I dropped the ball here, I'm a terrible blogger. What's new? Well, I've recently completed 5.1 up mixes on Shadow of the Missing (Available on Amazon and iTunes) and on Ghost in the Family. I've completed a 5.1 mix on a short film that was produced by Steve Darren called All that Matters. I mixed that audio on set as well, so it was relatively painless in post. Two weeks ago We completed shooting on a proof of concept for a film called Ghost Killers which now has Ari G... I mean Jeremy Piven attached to it, That's pretty kick ass, would you not agree?

Up next is the 5.1 mix for the Ghost Killers proof of concept and then onto production on another Barbie Castro film called Dream Killer.

On the less glamorous side, I've been recording audio for Weiss Ratings in Palm Beach Gardens. Tedious work, but they are good people over there, always a good time!

I'm offering new gear as well, I've replaced my good old Roland R-88 with a Sound Devices MixPre10T. That Roland was so under rated though. It's been through a lot and never left me hanging, but times are changing, onboard sound reports and the Sound Devices Wingman app brought about the change. New microphones, everybody that's worked with me knows that I'm a Zaxcom fan. I've been slowly phasing out my Lectro 401's and LMas with Trxla3.5s and Qrx receivers. I recently purchased two more Trxla3.5s along with a QRX235 with the QIFB built in. Great stuff! Next up, I'm looking at a Zaxcom Micplexer and some shark fins. Slowly but surely, I'm building up my rig. When I started I had a Sennheiser ME66 Taped to a paint pole and a Zoom recorder, I shit you not. So while other mixers have "better" gear, I'm damn proud of where I'm at, where I'm going and the skill level that I've developed along the way!

Until next time, Roll Sound you crazy bastards, lets make movies!

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