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Well now, if you're reading this... then all has gone to plan and you're gazing upon the brand spanking new Sound Wizard website, with eyes glazed over in wonder and awe. That, or you're constipated, I dunno, you tell me. If it's the latter, this is the wrong website. You want the CVS website. Go getcha some murilax or whatever.

My name is Paul Jefferys and I'm your friendly neighborhood Sound Wizard. A bit about me, I'm a former active duty Marine, I'm a father of three and I really... really... like good sound. I spent nine years working at the local state college as their film department's equipment manager, all the while slowly building my resume as a freelance subcontractor, until one day... For whatever reasons Ray (Your name is ray, right?) Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma... I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that I was destined to get thrown outs that dump.

To go... into business... for myself.

Now I know, I know, I wasn't fired for sexually harassing college students with a psychic abilities test and I've never seen a ghost. I wasn't even fired. Look, the point is, I struck out on my own and if you know where that quote came from without cheating, I'll probably give you a discounted day rate. Probably not, but you keep your hopes up kid! You're plucky, ya got spirit and I like that. Hey... you looking for a sound mixer for your next television or film project? I know a guy who knows a guy...

Follow the page, like us on the FB and stay tuned for new upcoming projects and more idiotic, nonsensical blogs my friend. Also, the next step here is a store front where you can purchase groovy Sound Wizard merchandise!

I love this plan! I'm excited to see it work!

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