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Production Sound Mixing and Post Production

About Sound Wizard LLC

The Pros From Dover

If you’re looking for clean and flawless location audio for your next production, consider working with Sound Wizard LLC. As a professional sound mixer and sound designer since 2005, I have experience in production as well as post production mixing and sound design. 

Sound Wizard LLC provides a unique and professional perspective when it comes to location audio and sound design. This job is truly a sonic exploration. I’m an sound mixer who is always ready for a challenge, and I enjoy working on complex projects that require the use of a variety of skills. If delivering great sound is what you’re looking for, from production to post production, look no further than Sound Wizard LLC!

Location Audio

Working as a sound mixer since 2005, I’ve worked with small budget productions, large budget projects and everything in between. From local short films and commercials to national spots and feature films for the big and small screen. Whatever the project is, I’m passionate about delivering incredible sound. I believe that this process is a collaboration and I always work to establish working relationships with your actors and crew. Whatever their needs, I will work with them and deliver the best sound possible every time. Get in touch today to find out what I can do for you!

Post Production

A good final mix starts with clean dialog. If I was your production mixer, then you know it's clean. If not, then we start there and get those tracks cleaned up and schedule any needed ADR sessions. Next we begin creating those sound design elements that make your film world come alive. From foley to custom sound effects, I feel the final sound mix is a living and breathing character that interacts with your script and edit. At Sound Wizard, the final mixing process is a collaborative effort between myself, the director and the composer. All three have a creative vision for the end product. My goal is to deliver the best sounding film possible while meeting these creative desires.

On Set
Shadow Fighter Crew
Swiped Crew
Reloaded Sound Team With Shashi Kasare
Shadow Fighter
Girlfriend Killer
Corin Nemic
Girlfriend Killer Crew
Sound Cart
Boyfriend Killer Crew
Christmas Mass
Boyfriend Killer Crew
Boyfriend Killer Crew
Boyfriend Killer Crew
Boyfriend Killer Crew
Stunt day on the set of Boyfriend Killer
Sometimes, you gotta boom it yourself.
Damian Marley
 Television Spots

NFL Hall of Fame. "The Knock" 2020

Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Awards 2021

Lasik Vision Institute

 Feature Films and Documentaries 

Love Means Zero

Secret Society

Dream Killer

A Gentleman


Tools of the Trade


Zaxcom Nova Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom TRXa3 Transmitters

Zaxcom BlueFin Antennas

Sound Devices MixePre10T Recorder/Mixer

Zaxcom QRX235 Receiver W/QIFB

Zaxcom QRX200 Receiver

Lectrosonics LMa Transmitters

Lectrosonics UCR 401 Receivers

Sanken COS11 Lavaliers
Countryman B3 Lavaliers
Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun
Sennheiser MKH816 Shotgun

Sennheiser MKH50 
Rode Windscreens and Pistol Grips
K-Tek Boompoles

RM BIV-1 Ribbon Mics
Shure MX392/C Boundary Mics
Shure SM58s and SM57s
Comtek IFB system.

Denecke Timecode Slate

Tentacle Sync Timecode System

Carl The Sound Cow

I'm familiar with the good folks at Gotham Sound in Atlanta,and Tai Audio in Orlando, If I don't have what you need, We can get it.



Location audio and sound design are my passion. Both take proper planning and collaboration. If you're interested in the Sound Wizard approach, or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Lets see what I can do for your project.

Paul Jefferys, Owner

561 512 9371

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